Saturday, March 5, 2016

Beaded Baubles

Hi All! Well, even if it haven't posted quite as often as I was hoping,  I've been keeping up with my Resolution of Getting Crafty a Lil Each Day! Lately,  I've been dabbling back into my beads...the Sparkle has ignited a few quick projects pictured below featuring Swarovski Crystals, Crackle Glass, Fire Polished Crystals, Pearls and my favorite Miyuki Seed Beads...mostly surrounded by Silver findings.

The Green Set is actually a Mother/Daughter Good Luck Gift for my Best Friend and her Daughter who were going to our State Competition for Dance! It was my way of saying Thank You to them as well because she was in a Dance called "Fight" and had chosen to Honor me by wearing my name and the color Green in raising Awareness for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma...something is was diagnosed with 12 years ago and have had 3 abnormal recurrences since. Needless to say,  I was in tears when she phoned me a few months back to tell me what she was doing for me!!! It's pretty impressive for an 11 year old to do something so profound! And it was an honor to make some lil Baubles to Wish her Luck with!

Hope You Enjoy!!!
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Friday, January 29, 2016

Birthday's & Cutting Boards

Good Morning from balmy Northern Maine! Just kidding...although 24° for the end of January is actually considered a "Beautiful" day, I'm kinda anxious for 40°...or more snow...whichever comes first, even if I'm pretty sure we'll have time to get pummeled before the 40' start can hit!!!

My Best Friend celebrated her Birthday recently and I'm dropping off her gift & card tonight when I pick up her daughter to go ice skating...and I must say, I'm kinda anxious for her to open these up!

The card is made using my Ultimate Crafters Companion Pro into a Gate Fold Card, topped with Birthday Paper from Best Creations, then I cut a small square and punched all around using my Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page set and added a Birthday Cake from my Special Moments Sticker Collection which is layered and added the perfect "oomph". A little bling all the way around with flatback rhinestones went a long way! I stamped the inside and back sentiments with a rainbow ink pad and heat embossed with clear embossing powder that I mixed a little glitter in...simple but carries some punch!

 Then came her's actually my first Cricut designed/vinyled Cutting Board! Completely designed using only Cricut Craft Room and the Subscription with a whole lotta imagination! If I can find a little helper around to point 'n shoot, I might just create a tutorial this weekend! We'll see...I'm still taking down Christmas decorations!

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Hope you Enjoy!!!

And here's the Cutting Board...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Year's Resolutions Starting with Happy Mail for Valentine's

Oh my...I don't know if I even remember how to do this!!! Lol!!!
I made a  New Year's Resolution for MYSELF this year...well a few. As 2015 was one of the hardest, this year, I just want to remember to "Just Breathe" take things as they come, handle only what I can of what's in front of me, to take time for "Me" and to just remember that life is short and we need to appreciate the little things as much as the big.

And my other "Big" resolution is to have a "Crafty Moment" every day! I've wanted to build upon some sort of organized business, besides just selling my "Crafty Bits" on Facebook, although I can't Thank my followers enough, it's time to make this thing a bit wish me luck!!!

On to my first "Crafty Bit" post of 2016...

And what better than to post a Card I made with some "Happy Mail" I received last week as a Winning Package from ☺
The Stamp is called  "First Kiss" and I also received some BEAUTIFUL "Smooch" Enamel Dots...Perfect for Valentine's Day! I tried out a new set of Watercolor Pencils from Stampin Up with a blender pen and I must say, I LOOOOOOOOOVE this new technique! Soooooo easy to blend colors, deepen colors and just plain old easy coloring! Still trying to perfect my color blends, but for my first attempt,  I Love this lil card! The "shirts" are also "Paper Pieced" with matching patterned papers of the card base itself...this added the perfect match-i-ness I love to have on my cards! I added a lil bling with some flatback rhinestones and a couple of bows with some American Crafts Baker's Twine in a matching pink and white as well.

So, all in all, a "Crafty Start" to this New Year and I can't complain! I only wish my "Cheerleaders" were still by my side, but I know they're watchingoing over me, giving me the strength and courage to keep on keepin on...
Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to All and Thanks for joining me on this Wonderful Journey!!!

This was the "basic" card...but, if you know me...I gotta embellish!

A close up of the Watercoloring...

Adding "His" Paper Pieced Shirt...

Close up...

Adding "Her" Paper Pieced Shirt...

The Two Paper Pieced Shirts...

Close up of the Paper Piecing...

And finally, the Flatback Rhinestones as a finished card.

Thanks again to
for the Best "Happy Mail" I could have asked for!!!
Be sure to check them out for some AMAZING Stamps, Papers, Dies and Supplies!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Been Gone Awhile, but I'm Back...I Think ;)

Good Morning!!! I have been M.I.A. for just about a year now, and although I picked up my Galaxy about a hundred times to blog, I just couldn't. And,  up until recently,  I had completely lost my mojo. It's been a CRAZY year filled with ups and mostly downs in my family.

When I "paused" blogging in October of last year,  my Mom had been very ill again going through yet another COPD Exacerbation,  Hospitalization and Rehabilitation stint and through the Winter she was down then up then down come early Spring and after another Exacerbation and Vertebrae Fractures, after spending a month in the Hospital,  we lost her.

After caring for someone 24/7 for so long, I've kinda lost my way. Thank God for my Fiancé,  our Daughter,  my Brothers, extended Family and close Friends to fall back on, though most don't see those bad moments except for my wonderful Fiancé and Daughter.

Every time I would pick up a piece of paper or a paint brush or a bead, I just couldn't move forward...things created came out of absolute necessity, not want, and I was just flowing.

Recently however, I've had some orders on Seasonal Decorations and Cards, and I'm SLOWLY getting my engines back up to "Passing Gear"!!! The TV has been a great distraction,  as it was for my Mom after my Dad passed suddenly 7yrs ago, and now I'm getting lost in my work instead of my life. I don't know which direction I'm heading in, the map is kind of blurry and I'm off the beaten path...but hopefully the fog will lift soon, and I'll see clearly again.

Thanks to ALL my Followers and "Sneak Peekers" for hanging in with me💖💖💖

Friday, October 24, 2014

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month...So Here's Your Gentle Reminder!!!

Well a Great Big Hello, and Yes, I'm still kicking over here!!! Lol! I know I've been MIA for quite awhile, however,  life has kind of taken over in a Swirling Hurricane over here...As you all know, I'm the sole caretaker of my Mom, and she had a rough Summer and an even rougher Fall. So, between caretaking 24hrs a day, and more recently traveling over an hour, 2 hrs round trip, to be by her side in the Hospital has taken a toll and I'm just getting back into the swing of things now that she's rehabbing in a facility a lil closer to home.

I'm PROUD to say that this Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath is now hanging on her door in the rehab facility! This is a piece I made, Altered Art if you wish, out of a Cereal Box, Flowers I took apart from the Dollar Store,  Mod Podge and a Whole Lotta Glitter...of course!!!

I made the Ribbon Pattern based on a computer print out; since I wanted a larger version of what I could print,  I just freehanded the sketch, then traced and cut it out of a Cereal Box.  Next I took apart what seemed to be hundreds of Flowers (not really sure how many I used), then I took each Flower, trimmed the stem, Mod Podged each while pouring Pink Iridescent Glitter on the wet petals. Once they were dry, I dabbed Green Glitter Glue on each of the centers. Finally, one by one,  I hot glued each flower to the Pink (I also painted the chipboard a light pink just in case something would show through,  and so that the back would be finished as well) Chipboard Ribbon. Once all the petals were set, I added a bit more Glitter to the prominent Flowers and hot glued a small hook on the back so I could hang the Ribbon up.

I HOPE you enjoyed this project as much as i enjoyed making it! My Mom is a 23 year SURVIVOR of this difficult illness, and this was the PERFECT time to display it, not only because it it Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also because 24 years ago this month is when she found the lump and was proactive in seeking Medical Attention. Although it was caught early, she still had to have the lump removed surgically, she fought through 8 weeks of 39 Radiation Treatments (travelling 120 miles per day in the middle of a brutal, snowy Winter with one of my older Brothers driving) and 4 months of Chemotherapy all while raising this 9 year old Daughter who just couldn't understand why Mommy was so sick (Me)...and she MADE IT!!!!!

So, as a last minute reminder, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't procrastinate and CHECK THOSE TA TA'S!!!!!

Love to you ALL and Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Day♥

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Cricut Craft Room Wedding Crafts Ideas and Inspirations Blog Hop

Good Morning! It's a dreary Spring, definitely does NOT feel like Summer, here in Northern Maine,  making this Beautiful Blog Hop a WONDERFUL way to wake up this morning!!! I am again joined by some VERY Talented Ladies,  to which I will pass on all the links at the end of this post...MAKE SURE to Hop on over to each and every one of thier AMAZING Blogs for more Creative Inspiration!

Recently, our Niece was Married in a Beautiful Ceremony that unfortunately due to Family health issues, we weren't abld to attend. So I wanted to make a Wedding Card for her that she could Treasure FOREVER, and included a removable keepsake magnet for them.

This is a Double Cascading Fancy Fold Card I created out of AC MOORE White Cardstock,  leftover Wedding Themed Vellum, Dazzle Stickers from Hot Off The Press and Wedding Themed Stickers from Dollar Tree.

I created the Star lined Vellum Borders out of the Ribbons and Rossettes Cartridge on my Cricut E2,  as well as a matching Rossette for the card top, including a larger Star centered to the Rosette to help keep it together, and to make the Rossette stay together better making it more sturdy. I then adhered the remainder of my Stickers, which in Color matched our Niece's Wedding perfectly, some with Foam Dots to create more depth. Lastly came the Rhinestones placed in the Martha Stewart Scallop Punched Cascades of the Card.

The center Rosette is removable and has a magnt on the back so as to have a Special Keepsake to treasure while keeping with the Star Theme.

The Inside of the Card featured two Wedding Band Stickers that matched Heart Stickers from the Front of the Card. When signing the Card, I also included a Poem to the left, tying the Star Theme together which read,"And the two shall become one...For it was written in the Stars".

Needless to say,  this one took quite a few sessions to finish...however, it was definitely one of my FAVORITE works! They absolutely adored it...and that was worth every sweat bead I had while thinking,"Will they like it? ".

As always,  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dad's & Grads Blog Hop from MCCR Design Team...Graduation Time...Where Does The Time Go?!

Good Morning All!!! Been MIA for awhile and Thanks to for hosting an AWESOME Blog Hop for Dads & Grads with some AMAZINGLY TALENTED Ladies, I got my mojo back for blogging!!!

Life has been soooo crazy lately,  between Spring Clean Up,  a sick Mom (to whom I am the sole caretaker), end of school activities (am I the only one who thinks saving EVERY activity for the last possible minute of the school year is beyond overwhelming...and crazy too???!), and just the day to day demands in life, I am often left wondering,  "Where does the time go?!". I am completely convinced life is like a clothes dryer and time ends up with all the socks I've been missing for years! BTW, if anyone knows the Sock Monster, the one who obviously jumps into my dryer to take his daily fill of a sock here and a sock there,  please tell him it's time for him to come back and make a deposit,  NOT a withdrawl cause I'm going bankrupt least in the sock and time division!!! Poor Jocelyn,  for her 10th Birthday recently,  we purposely bought her mismatched sock sets so she didn't have to go to school with one sock that said Hanes and another that said FTL! Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!! Lol!

Having recently had one of those moments, wondering where the time goes, 4 yrs seemed to creep up on us soooo fast with our first College Graduation of my fiances extended family, our Niece! Looking back 14yrs ago, when I first met her, I never thought the Chubby Cheeked Cutie would have made us all reflect so much on how precious time is down the road...and here we are! We couldn't be more proud! Hence the inspiration for my Blog Hop Card this week...a College Graduation Card with Matching School Colors!

Unfortunately,  I only managed to capture one pic while rushing out the door to the Ceremony,  but she was extatic about receiving a card that actually matched her school colors, Gold & Green!
Using the Cricut Happy Graduation Seasonal Cartridge,  I sized the Owl/Scroll image to fit the front of my card, which was 6×8 and created with AC Moore Cardstock in White and matted with a Black layer that I rubber stamped and heat embossed in a Snowy White Powder by Ranger. After layering my Cricut Cut, I simply outlined the Scroll with a White Pen, and added 2 Rhinestones for the Owls' eyes. After adhering the Gold Based, Green Layered Owl image directly to the front of thr card, I added my usual bling by using Rhinestones in the centers of the little embossed flowers. This one, although stressful in matching colors perfectly,  was definitely a treasure to make, and has given me a great occasion to reflect on time and slowing down to smell the roses and enjoy every minute because in a snap of the fingers, it's all just a distant memory!

So Thank You for stopping by as always,  and for joining us on My Cricut Craft Room's Dad's & Grads Blog Hop! 

Next you will Hop on over to another very Talented fellow Design Team Member,


Below are all the links to the Hop, just in case you missed someone! Happy Crafting!!!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter!!!
Just a quick blog tonite because I'm spent...from slaving over a hot srove ALL day to running errands and having 2 kids over at the last minute...and I still have an Egg Hunt to here we go!

This is an Easter Card I made for my Best Friend,  and I felt quite accomplished since I could never figure out how to make those beautiful Flowers I keep seeing...well this morning I set my mind to it and finally figured it out!  The Base White Cardstock is from AC MOORE,  the Patterned Paper is from DCWV, and the Solid Colored Cardstock is also from DCWV. I Cricut Cut and Mat the 2 pieces in the middle from the Basics Cart in CCR, then Embossed the White layer, then on a separate sheet of White Cardstock I Heat Embossed the Easter Greeting in a Pink Tinsel and adhered that with Foam Tape. I added the Rhinestones and finally created the Roses, using the Essentials Cart in CCR. 

Sooooo excited to add a new technique to my repertoire! 

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jump Rope For Heart Jumping Bunnies

Good day all! The Sun is finally shining and the smow is totally melting, too fast however (thought I'd never say that!)....this is what happens where I live when it melts too fast...

That's right, ICE JAMS & FLOODING! Luckily,  I live above Flood Stage, so no danger here....Thank God!

It's been another crazy week, but I managed to get these lil guys done for our Daughter's Jump Rope For Heart Team, The Jumping Bunnies for the Annual American Heart Association Jump Rope For Heart event yesterday!  They are pins that her and her teammates wore during the event and they were soooo much fun to make!
The are Cricut Cut from CCR with the Create A Critter Cartridge, and a School Cartridge (the Jump Rope was made by cutting out 2 Graduation Cap Tassels and gluing them together). I Swirl Embossed and Red Glittered the Heart before adhering the Bunnies with foam tape for a layered effect. Then I added Black/ Red Glitter Glue to the Jump Rope, Pink Glitter Glue to the cheeks and added a few Rhinestones,  of course!
Our Daughter and her Teammates LOVED these little guys and so did the Teachers! 

Now it's time to hop back on over to the Studio to get some Easter projects done! 

Thanks for stopping by!!!♥

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gettin Busy With My Cricky!

Good Morning Monday Morning! I had a busy weekend in the Studio this weekend....and had a blast with my new Subscription to the Cricut Craft Room!!! I am sooooo excited about this purchase,  I can't even tell you!
Unfortunately,  I've been so busy creating new things, a lil bit here, a lil bit there, I haven't finished a thing! So I decided to post a card I made for my Parents Anniversary for thier last one. If I get a minute later, I'll share the details, but for now, pictures will have to do! Thanks for stopping by!♥

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Monochromatic Thank You

Good Morning from Melty Northern Maine! Yesterday's snow did not accumulate,  Thank Heavens! So it's finally starting to feel like Spring! Yippy!!!

I thought I would share a Thank You Card I made recently for my Mom's Caretaker. She is a Sweetheart with a Fashionista/Diva side and Pink is her favorite color. The base is AC Moore Cardstock in White, Patterned Papers are from an AC Moore Cardstock Patterned Pack which came in 6x6 so it's PERFECT for Card Making. I Stamped and Heat Embossed the Sentiment in Glittery Pink on a Frame from the same Patterned Paper, added some Ribbon and of course Rhinestones.  I Love Love Love Bright Colors and Monochromatic Schemes, and this one fell together exactly as I saw it in my "Creative Thoughts", otherwise known as my "Pea-Brain"! Don't you just LOVE it when that happens?!

Thanks for stopping by!!!♥

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birthday Cards Using the Cricut!

Good Morning!  Well, guess's snowing!!! AGAIN!!! Yeah I know...but it's April....tell that to Mother Nature over here!

Very busy day today, so it'll be a quick post....this is a set of cards I made with my Cricut E2 with the Something to Celebrate Cartridge,  AC Moore base White cardstock, coordinating Patterned Papers, Foil Stickers, Glitter Glue, Confetti and my signature Rhinestones, of course! These were made for my Twin 17yr old Nephews for thier Birthdays recently. Hope you like them!

Thanks for stopping by!!!♥