Monday, October 19, 2015

Been Gone Awhile, but I'm Back...I Think ;)

Good Morning!!! I have been M.I.A. for just about a year now, and although I picked up my Galaxy about a hundred times to blog, I just couldn't. And,  up until recently,  I had completely lost my mojo. It's been a CRAZY year filled with ups and mostly downs in my family.

When I "paused" blogging in October of last year,  my Mom had been very ill again going through yet another COPD Exacerbation,  Hospitalization and Rehabilitation stint and through the Winter she was down then up then down come early Spring and after another Exacerbation and Vertebrae Fractures, after spending a month in the Hospital,  we lost her.

After caring for someone 24/7 for so long, I've kinda lost my way. Thank God for my Fiancé,  our Daughter,  my Brothers, extended Family and close Friends to fall back on, though most don't see those bad moments except for my wonderful Fiancé and Daughter.

Every time I would pick up a piece of paper or a paint brush or a bead, I just couldn't move forward...things created came out of absolute necessity, not want, and I was just flowing.

Recently however, I've had some orders on Seasonal Decorations and Cards, and I'm SLOWLY getting my engines back up to "Passing Gear"!!! The TV has been a great distraction,  as it was for my Mom after my Dad passed suddenly 7yrs ago, and now I'm getting lost in my work instead of my life. I don't know which direction I'm heading in, the map is kind of blurry and I'm off the beaten path...but hopefully the fog will lift soon, and I'll see clearly again.

Thanks to ALL my Followers and "Sneak Peekers" for hanging in with me💖💖💖

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