Friday, October 24, 2014

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month...So Here's Your Gentle Reminder!!!

Well a Great Big Hello, and Yes, I'm still kicking over here!!! Lol! I know I've been MIA for quite awhile, however,  life has kind of taken over in a Swirling Hurricane over here...As you all know, I'm the sole caretaker of my Mom, and she had a rough Summer and an even rougher Fall. So, between caretaking 24hrs a day, and more recently traveling over an hour, 2 hrs round trip, to be by her side in the Hospital has taken a toll and I'm just getting back into the swing of things now that she's rehabbing in a facility a lil closer to home.

I'm PROUD to say that this Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath is now hanging on her door in the rehab facility! This is a piece I made, Altered Art if you wish, out of a Cereal Box, Flowers I took apart from the Dollar Store,  Mod Podge and a Whole Lotta Glitter...of course!!!

I made the Ribbon Pattern based on a computer print out; since I wanted a larger version of what I could print,  I just freehanded the sketch, then traced and cut it out of a Cereal Box.  Next I took apart what seemed to be hundreds of Flowers (not really sure how many I used), then I took each Flower, trimmed the stem, Mod Podged each while pouring Pink Iridescent Glitter on the wet petals. Once they were dry, I dabbed Green Glitter Glue on each of the centers. Finally, one by one,  I hot glued each flower to the Pink (I also painted the chipboard a light pink just in case something would show through,  and so that the back would be finished as well) Chipboard Ribbon. Once all the petals were set, I added a bit more Glitter to the prominent Flowers and hot glued a small hook on the back so I could hang the Ribbon up.

I HOPE you enjoyed this project as much as i enjoyed making it! My Mom is a 23 year SURVIVOR of this difficult illness, and this was the PERFECT time to display it, not only because it it Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also because 24 years ago this month is when she found the lump and was proactive in seeking Medical Attention. Although it was caught early, she still had to have the lump removed surgically, she fought through 8 weeks of 39 Radiation Treatments (travelling 120 miles per day in the middle of a brutal, snowy Winter with one of my older Brothers driving) and 4 months of Chemotherapy all while raising this 9 year old Daughter who just couldn't understand why Mommy was so sick (Me)...and she MADE IT!!!!!

So, as a last minute reminder, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't procrastinate and CHECK THOSE TA TA'S!!!!!

Love to you ALL and Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Day♥

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