Friday, February 21, 2014

My First Blog.....FINALLY!!!

After having a Blogger account for 3 yrs., I have finally decided to bite the bullet and actually post something!  Time to lay my fears to rest and just go for it! As this is all new to me, please bare with me, and TIA for some patience as I try to navigate through this crazy technological world which we call the Internet...or Home as I like to say since we seem to spend so much time online! This blog I hope will contain beloved Crafting Projects as well as rants and the goings on of my daily life...hopefully it's not too boring! Although I don't think it will be,  seeing as I take care of my elderly Mom who is quite ill, my Fianc√© of 13yrs and our BEAUTIFUL Daughter as well as 2 cats and a dog, I think there'll be plenty of stories to tell! Well, wish me luck!

For my first project I'd like to show, it's one of my most recent...a Birthday Card for a very special friend. This one took 2 days, in between Doctors appointments and normal everyday life...
It's actually one of my favorite creations thus far! The base of the card was made with AC Moore Cardstock in White. For the front of the card, I used some Brights Patterned Cardstock from JoAnns to create the diagonal strips and met that line up with some Birthday Patterned Paper Scraps I had laying around; topped the adjoining lines with another scrap of Patterned Paper topped with Iridescent Ribbon. The Banner came from the Something to Celebrate Cartridge with my Cricut E2 in matching papers topped with Glitter. The Medallion, which is a removable magnet, was made out of Foil Cardstock, punched edges and accordion folded, which matched the fussy cut gift in the middle that I covered in Paper Glaze to make "Shiny Wrapping Paper".
The inside is layered with matching Paper,  cut and scored in the middle to Pop Up the Cricut cut Glittered Presents, Cake and Balloons. Truly one of my best going to my Bestie! I hope you enjoy it and Thanks for visiting!

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